Artist Statement

To me Photography and Philosophy are two sides of the same coin. Both are rooted in a deep interest in the human understanding of life.
Lately, I’m interested in using photography as a performative and introspective tool to explore the narratives that occur on the threshold between the human inner world and the outside world.
The Greek intended representation as metaphor, as allegorical image, as displaying of something that refers to something else or hidden. In my photographic practice I often adopt metaphoric performances, the surreal and the oneiric to tell and visualize untold thoughts, feelings, states of mind and unseen stories.

I always take my own self and intimacy – conceived as personal space(s) and perceptions, as personal relationships and experiences – as starting points to deepen and to explore both visually and emotionally, in order to widen the horizon to other realities with a different awareness.

Photography means philosophy to me, a love for the knowledge – of ourselves, of who and what comes across our way – that needs to be shared as part of the conversations about contemporary matters.



Greta Lorimer is an Italian artist based in Switzerland. Her practice sees philosophy and photography deeply intertwined. Her research focuses on the social and introspective potentialities of conceptual and performative photography.
She graduated with a BA in Philosophy from University La Sapienza of Rome. During the years in Rome, she combined the university studies with professional courses of documentary photography at CTS in collaboration with Società Geografica Italiana and National Geographic Italy, and of portrait photography at ISFCI, the Institute of Photography in Rome. Upon graduation from the course, she joined ISFCI as a teaching assistant in Portrait Photography.

She then moved to the United Kingdom where she pursued a Master’s Degree in Photography at the University of Brighton. She has been selected as one of the graduates emerging talents UK 2018 by Barbican Curator Alona Pardo at Source Magazine that published one of her pictures. Greta is one of the artists featured in the Fast Forward research project @womeninphoto and in the online gallery LoosenArt.
She has exhibited in Rome, Brighton, London and she has been selected to exhibit in Paris in November as part of Paris Photo Off. Greta will be exhibiting at Brighton Photo Fringe Festival 2020.
She has been selected by Revolv Collective to be part of a printed and digital publication around the theme “Homeland”. The book has been also presented at Sofia Art Week Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.

For any enquiries feel free to contact the artist.




  • 2018    MA Photography with Distinction at Brighton University – UK
  • 2016   First Honour Degree in Philosophy at University of Rome La Sapienza – Italy
  • 2014   Master in Reportage and Travel photography, at CTS in collaboration with Italian Geographic Society and National Geographic Italy, Rome – Italy
  • 2012   Professional courses at ISFCI Institute of Photography and Communication, Rome – Italy
    Photographic theory and technique
    Portrait photography
    Video editing


Selections/Nominees – more info in the News section

2020   Winner of the “Portrait Submission Call” curated by The South West Collective UK

2019    Selected by Lucy Soutter to be part of the collective exhibition “Salon 19” at Photofusion UK

2019  Selected by Revolv Collective to be part of the printed and digital publication “Homeland”. Date of the launch: 20th of July at Take Courage Gallery London.
The book has been also presented at Sofia Art Week Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is possibile to order the book at this link:

2019  Selected to be part of a collective exhibition as part of Paris Photo Off at Galerie Joseph Turenne in Paris on the 8th, 9th, 10th of November

2019  Selected for the Fast Forward conversations on the Instagram page @womeninphoto (4th-9th February 2019)

2018  LoosenArt Gallery – Selected to be part of the group exhibition “Bodies in movement” at Spazio Millepiani (Rome) from the 1st of February to the 11th of February 2019.
The selected picture has also been chosen to be the background of the poster of the exhibition.
The same picture has been selected to be part of the official online gallery of LoosenArt.

2018  SOURCE Magazine – Graduate Photography Online 2018 – Selected by Barbican Centre London curator Alona Pardo as one of the best emerging talents graduate photographers UK 2018 with a series of the work Inner Rooms
Publication of a picture of the work Inner rooms on the Graduate Supplement in SOURCE Magazine Issue 95


Exhibitions and Publications

2020    October (dates TBC): exhibition at Brighton Photo Fringe Festival 2020, The Lock In Gallery Brighton, UK

2020     February: publication of an artwork by the magazine ARTIT (in the Photography Issue), UK

2020    9th-26th February: collective exhibition “Visual Storytelling” curated by The South West Collective, Ground Floor, Fleetwalk, Highstreet Torquay UK

2019     Publication of a picture as the front cover of the book “A sua immagine” by Jérôme Ferrari, edited by Edizioni E/O

2019-2020    6th December – 23rd January: selected to be part of the collective exhibition “Salon 19” at Photofusion UK, Brixton London

2019    December: online publication of part of the portfolio edited by Matthew Hong at ArtPil

2019     December: publication of the series “The colours of inner rooms” at OPENEYE Magazine France – Winter Edition 2019.

2019   10th – 31st December: collective exhibition “Ideas are forms of life” at Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome

2019    12th – 30th November :  collective exhibition “Be Rossocinabro” at Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome

2019    21st – 26th October :  collective exhibition “Going and Coming” at Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome in occasion of RAW – Rome Art Week 2019

2019     8th, 9th, 10th November: collective exhibition Paris Photo Off at Galerie Joseph, Paris (the exhibition will take place at the same time of Paris Photo International Fine Art Photography Fair)

2019    20th July: collective exhibition and launch of the book publication “Homeland” curated by Revolv Collective at Take Courage Gallery London

2019    27th June – 29th August: solo exhibition with selected works from the series Inner Rooms, Millennials’ Insights and An Ordinary Story at The Bee’s Mouth, Brighton

2019     1st May – 13th May: exhibition of selected works from the series Inner Rooms, Millennials’ Insights and An Ordinary Story as part of the collective exhibition “Photography Now” at The Brick Lane Gallery, London

2019    22nd March: collective exhibition with the picture Room 102 at Jey Jazz Club, Rome – in occasion of Daniele Titta’s book presentation

2019     1st – 11th February: exhibition of a piece of the work Inner Rooms as part of the group exhibition “Bodies in movement” curated by LoosenArt gallery at Spazio Millepiani, Rome

2018    10th September – 20th September: exhibition of the work Inner Rooms   as part of the group show “From the flow of appearances” at Grand Parade North Gallery, Brighton

2014    Online publication of a piece of work at Nikon School