An ordinary story, a matter of connections

The living together creates a parallel world, where public and private end up to be somehow intertwined. Through these self-portraits, I conceived the relationship with my partner as a journey, a creative reciprocity amongst the one, the other and the space.
The house is a place of the living together that conveys a process during which we experimented multiple layers of intimacy.

Starting from our own experience as a couple, I adopted an absurd language to metaphorically explore possible dynamics that occur within couples’ relationships. In this regard, the presence of the books suggests a bridge to face the traps of the routine, through deep reflections and paradoxical figurative outcomes.

Questioning the possible links amongst the absurd, the everyday objects, the everyday spaces and the inner dynamics, I aimed to suggest an ordinary surreal story of connections where all the imaginable can be dreamt, set and performed.

A suitcase for a journey together, open to be filled of new objects, new elements and unknown consequences. We put in it dreams and nightmares, pain and fears, egoism and complicity, strength and weakness, sweetness and anger, doubts, certainties and mistakes, attention, disregard and obsessions, playfulness and roughness, past and present, flaws and qualities.
We put in it ourselves, reflecting on humanity, role plays and role-exchanges, on our imagination and creativity.


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