An ordinary story

The living together creates a parallel world, where public and private end up to be somehow intertwined. Through these self-portraits, I conceived the relationship with my partner as a journey, a creative reciprocity amongst the one, the other and the space. The house is a place of the living together that conveys a process during which we experimented multiple layers of intimacy.

Starting from our own experience as a couple, I adopted an absurd language to metaphorically explore possible dynamics that occur within couples’ relationships and everyday lives.

The presence of specific books in each image aims to suggest a further narrative layer and a bridge to face the traps of the routine, towards deep introspections and paradoxical figurative outcomes.

Questioning the possible links amongst the absurd, the oneiric, the everyday objects, the everyday spaces and the inner dynamics, we travelled throughout an ordinary surreal story of connections where all the imaginable can be dreamt, set and performed.

With this project – started in 2018 – I aim to explore the tension towards possible changes and role-shifts through metaphorical performances that see the couple and the living together as “spaces” of utopias and dystopias, of dreams, of support and contrast, of the everyday new and unforeseen.

I see the couple as an intertwining of difficulties and complicities aiming to achieve common intents, dreams and ideals. In this regard, starting from our own experience as a couple, these performative pictures intend to tell a journey through several obstacles towards a common ideal.


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