Differently naked

This project questions the bond between body and face, considered as parts of a single being, but with their own separate existence and identity.

Almost everywhere, being nude is the natural condition of the face: we do not need to unveil it, it looks out at the world that acknowledges our presence through it. Generally, the face is where you can see the passing of emotions and time more evidently, a public “here I am”.

The body remains largely a private affair, its nudity is usually defined by a non-nudity as today bodily nudity is not a state but an event. However, isn’t the body the territory of human expression too? Is it possible to look at it as if it were a face?

The people portrayed in my project were naked both during the faces shots and in the bodies shots, which were taken in separate moments. Each person independently decided how to pose.

Placing the denuded bodies in symmetry with the natural condition of the faces, my aim is to reveal, to capture two nudities and nakednesses, and to focus on each one separately.

The face is seen as differently naked, becoming accomplice to what is not shown in the frame – the bodily nudity – speaking of its mystery.

In the bodies section, the absence of the faces allows a different look: the nakedness – which expresses itself through the limbs exposed in their brazenness – is seen and perceived both as a loss of face and as an exposure of the secret which that face’s gaze conveyed.

I’ve started “Differently naked” in 2016 with a group of 30 European people.

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