“Fons et Ŏrīgo” – homeland

This is a further exploration and development of my project “Fons et Ŏrīgo” (to view the introduction that works also for the black and white version please view the album “Fons et Ŏrīgo” https://www.gretalorimer.com/works/fons-et-origo/ ).

The version that I present here below focuses in more detail on the concept of homeland and its possible representations throughout different layers.
In the black and white series I use an additional layer in order to explore the sense of belonging from a further and peculiar point of view, as well as to investigate another kind of everyday technology (virtual maps) which symbolises the physical distance – and at the same time the constant virtual connection – from what I call home and homeland.

After choosing five specific images, I over-layered them on specific Google Maps. All maps correspond to the places where my mother and I lived together or separately, places where we experienced a different sense of home, distance and belonging. In this sense, each image tells a different story referring to personal moments of transition.


The project has been selected by Revolv Collective to be part of the printed and online publication “Homeland”. 
The exhibition and the launch of the book took place in July 2019. The book has been also presented at Sofia Art Week Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.
To read in more depth about the whole initiative please visit