(in)to the boundaries of bodies

Bodies aren’t full, empty or filled spaces, rather they are open spaces, places and rooms of existence.

Bodies are always in contact. No living being can exist without touching and being touched. Everything touches parts of other entities. Touching themselves, or other bodies, or surrounding things, our bodies expose the infinity of our relations, piece by piece, here and there, hic et nunc.

Bodies are forms and lines and marks and traces that conform and deform to one another. They appear and disappear turning into colours, molecules and appearances.

Bodies have extremities, boundaries that separate them from the world, the air, the others, the things around them.

Abstracting the points of contact amongst entities I aim to visualize essential lines and limits where imagination and photographic apparatuses end up being intertwined.

Estranging these touching and touched bodies and entities, it is possible to create new forms and new ways of seeing them and their relationship. It is possible to trans-form them into something else through their own boundaries that reveal an opportunity of a double gaze where the fullness becomes emptiness and vice versa.