Undefined spaces, Humans walk in, A garden

Let us think about our psyche as something made of undefined and disordered spaces,
unvoiced thoughts and fundamental experiences with a strong imaginal power.
Our psyche surrounds our inner world, takes place in it as much as in the outside world.

A garden: a man-made creation that echoes a dialogue between human being and nature.
A path where each natural element refers to humans’ psychic life.
A space where our bodies become traces of life.

The very first spark of this project stems from a personal experience that left me three scars on the face, visible and difficult to hide. I was fifteen years old. I was inspired by a peculiar emotional state which characterized that period: being aware of carrying something that might not be considered attractive, but ending up loving it. Thus, I took pictures of scars in order to give them a new state of being, a sort of rebirth.

In Japan, broken pottery is repaired by filling the fissures with gold: because of its scars, the object acquires more value since it now carries a story of rebirth. It becomes a symbol of the impermanence of existence itself, of imperfection.

Similarly, our scars bear traces of experience, transience, strength and fragility, of changes and mortality. The outside world encounters our flesh, marks it with its own sign, adds an extra depth to our lives.

We do not see and perceive images, we are images and all our spiritual and physical experiences are images. I asked people to think about their scars and tell me the images the scars recalled.

Juxtaposing photographs of scars with photographs of the world, my project (started in 2018) intends to reconcile both dimensions in a dialogue between lines, shades, shapes, memories and meanings that create a collective unconscious.

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