I was the one who chose you

The distance causes the absence; the absence turns the imagination on; the imagination creates images of a presence.

“I was the one who chose you” it’s an ongoing project I’m currently working on with my mother.
We explore the relationship between mother and daughter, deeply bonded by a primeval, physical yet immaterial sense of belonging.

At the same time, the project reflects on a broader sense of distance and on what it might mean within personal or intimate relationships. I want to explore distance – which nowadays has become an essential part of what we call home – not only as a physical state but also as a concept: through materiality and immateriality I aim to give a visual shape to an invisible link that connects human beings in time and space, conceiving the primeval bonds of birth and growth as ultimate and essential threads.

Nowadays it’s possible to reduce the distance through technology and virtual communication, as well as through our feelings. So, through the investigation of different kinds of technology, this project brings together the introspection and the intimacy of self-portraits that we took separately: she used a tablet in Switzerland sending me the pictures that I projected in my home in UK; here I interacted with them in front of my camera.