Millennials’ insights

As the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman would have said: we built a liquid society where we live a liquid life, ‘a precarious life, lived under conditions of constant uncertainty’ and ‘a succession of new beginnings’. (Liquid life 2005)

My work Millennials’ Insights is an open and ongoing project – started in 2019 – on how the ‘liquid’ outside world – and its several different social dynamics and issues –  affects the inner world of my peers, my generation, the youngest workforce that faces and tries to build a future – the Millennials.

Nowadays, the topic of boundaries deeply influences the discussion on the future, and boundaries become the metaphor of our uncertainties and challenges. We are boundaries between in and out which mutually affect one the other and change as fast as society does. The project aims to be a documentation and a storytelling of this peculiar intertwining and its possible outcomes.

As a starting point, I met some European Millennials on the threshold between their inner world and the outside and, through photography, we crossed together the line towards the inside. I interviewed them about their lives, routines, aspirations, thoughts about contemporary issues, listening to their language and introspections which allowed to create different metaphoric representations through their performances which took place in the spaces where they live, using everyday concealing/revealing props symbolically. The work itself has a collaborative feature which is crucial.

They bared themselves – both psychologically and physically – in order to expose nudity as brazenness of the states of mind, as the last boundary between the outside and the inside.

I believe we are witnessing a historical moment where the high frequency in sharing and digitally communicating is often taking us further away from our intimacy and introspection. The project Millennials’ Insights aims to be a response to this and a visible voice of a part of a generation.


Please note: this is an open and ongoing project, to take part in it email me at 

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