The colours of inner rooms

This project (produced in 2019) is the colour version of my work Inner rooms. One year later the first edition in black and white (produced in 2018), I decided to go back on it and see it in colour, how it had been actually shot in origin. The initial choice to convert it in black and white was very clear to me: the monochrome allows a more essential vision, far from the distraction that the colour may provoke. Each picture tells a state of mind and the idea was to make the body blending with the spaces, also from a visual point of view. The use of monochrome would have probably facilitated that.

One year passed and I felt differently. I wanted to see every chapter of the story as it was born: in colour. To me, this is a further chapter rather than a change of mind. The two parts are sides of the same coin and end up questioning how different appearances of the same images show different nuances of the same states of mind.


(To read more about the idea behind the projects please see Inner rooms album)